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Man Otomotiv (the parent company of ATF) has been established ,in 1977, as a service workshop for heavy duty vehicals in automotive sector. In 1991, Man Otomotiv became the only authorised dealer for selling MAN heavy duty vehicals and service station in Turkey, along with aftermarket sales.

ATF as a sales company of MAN Otomotiv, it expanded it’s operations to Middle East and Africa in aftermarket with the time. With the experience of 35 years in automotive sector, ATF with it’s high quality and trustworthiness, signing of many innovations and exporting the original parts to 21 countries around the world. Domestically, one can find easily ATF brand in any part of Turkey, as a leading brand in aftermarker sales.

MAN Otomotiv divided into 3 main groups;

-MAN: Autoservice, workshop and station along with OEM&Aftermarket parts.
-ATF : Brake systems and Bearings along with Fanton(Italy) Cables.
-SAF Holland: Authorised distributor for Turkey.

First comes human...
The strong base on which MAN Otomotiv is grounded is composed of the importance given to the human and her worker’s satisfaction is adopted as a principle as well as customer satisfaction. It has been kept to provide a healthy working environment with education, charging and social benefits moving from the belief into the view that every person in the need for achievement in the forefround. In Man Otomotiv, everybody is equipped with full authority in the field with designated responsibility, as the leader in his own business. With this understanding, Man Otomotiv employees are the purpose igniter in the competitive service and aftermarket in order to obtain a leading position.

First comes quality...
Certifying rules of quality in production with ISO: 9001:2008 certificate MAN Otomotiv has approved her corporate structure through controlling to each stage of the process of organizational structure aiming to continuous improvement so that starting from the design stage, production, marketing, sales and after sales services cover all stages up to. Beside it, we are the only authorized dealer of “SAF Holland” and “Fanton Italy”.