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• We produce safe and good quality of products in compliance with legal obligations in the manner of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• We create a team spirit in which quality and vehicle safety awareness in every aspect of transferred employees, job security, wake up to the rules, an approach adopted with respect to the environment.


• To reveal fresh aspects of life at any moment develop ourselves.
• Our team is open for innovation, has a soul of pursuit of innovation.
• We'll try to associate the word "innovation" with us for our customers and consumers.


• We are leaders in our field and we are determined to obtain the leading quality of results.
• A clear vision of what we have carried out the target.


• Respect for our team, our customers, and our consumer.
• We adopt as a principle to stand behind our promises.


• We know that our team, our customers and our consumers are responsible.
• We are aware of our environment, our social responsibility towards our society.


• Every time we try to do the right thing.
• We'll be honest with our team members, our customers and consumers.
• We act in accordance with the Law.


• We are sensitive towards people, society and the environment.
• Will respect to our team, our customers, our consumers religions, moments.
• We are open to new ideas and understanding and tolerance.