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Orientation Program

There are orientation trainings made for our new friends where started for MAN Otomotiv and ATF Family and also Orientation Training for Service Stations Workshop and Spare Parts Program if required as preparation
• The theoretical section is given by the OEM Spare Parts Department. By then, Department of internal orientation will be completed. As for the-job orientation, work will be completed by department managers and supervisors.

• Blue-collar workers for the Basic Training Program is being implemented. This training includes the education of machine operation, maintenance training and workflow training.

Training Program

The institution is responsible for providing education opportunities and creating a structure that support learning. At the same time "must be removed the obstacles of learning" philosophy of the movement was created with the following training programs.
Project Management Training
Training of Basic Design(R&D)
Innovation Training
Corporate Culture Training
Effective Presentation Techniques Training
Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Training
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Training
General Safety Education
Product Training
Machinery Use and Maintenance Training
Effective Presentation Skills Training
Workshop Training
In addition to these, employees to specialize in what they think about getting out of education within the framework of common goals that our employees are supported.